Graye (graye) wrote in thursdayinsults,

Necro the community!

I solemnly and sincerely warrant to you that the following statements are true and free of omissions:

  • [info]assfingers is a bombastic nincompoop, and has bitchtits
  • [info]_sterno_ is a toxoplasmotic molester of kittens
  • [info]andamaroo is hirsute, and most probably a furry
  • The content that collectively comes out of Facebook is similar in tone and measure and to the straining delivery of a fat man, indisposed in the loo, after a night of cheap whiskey and spicy prawns.
  • Football is the lamest of national sports, and is less fun than Cricket, even
  • Football is still better than Baseball
  • Your favorite band is a preening product of A&R, and bereft of talent or skill.
  • Your car is gutless.
  • [info]kingfox is a great crying woman, and isn't as smart as Konrad.
  • Your country is NOT the land of the free.
  • You daily life betrays your true beliefs, and you wallow in ignorant terror of your own banality.
  • Your taste in furniture sucks. You could find better pieces in a Dentist's office.
  • You smell like old beets.

I think I've done enough! Phew! Arise, dead community!
Tags: diacf, diaf, diaps, insults, jerks

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