Witch Baby (orangepancakes) wrote in thursdayinsults,
Witch Baby

Indian Food diaper NYE!!!!

New Year's eve is a jerky little lizard.....The only good that comes out of it, is that you are guarteed a free hangover day (holiday) and no work. I mean, I don't know about you but I love paying $50 to go to the same bar I always go to that is free and for my $50 I get a glass of watered down champagne and a paper hat. Then I get overpriced drinks the rest of the night and it's pretty much no different than any other weekend except I've dropped twice as much money. It's also cold, I hate holidays that are on cold days. Actually I hate all holidays except the Dia de los Muertos, ok Halloween is pretty cool too because I love costumes. Anyway, New Year's eve can eat pickled worms for all I care, I don't like midnight being the focal point of my night. That being said I will still succumb to the pressure and go to a party where I will get ridiculously drunk, kiss people I shouldn't and feel like the death the next day. But at least I get Monday off too jerk! Yeah New Year's eve, I tried to insult you but I guess you aren't all that bad.

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