Andrzej "Jay" Kujawski (kujawski) wrote in thursdayinsults,
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Graye = Jerks

I'm over here in Iraq, eating sand and shitting lonliness, and Graye is traipsing around Western Europe and Northern Africa, just having a hell of a time. Yes, I know that he had to save up a long time for it. Still jealous. Yes, I know that he has had his ration of shit in life and deserves a good time or two to make up for it. Still think he's just another ungrateful, whiny Canuck. Yes, I know that he should probably be the one going instead of me because his photography and to some limited degree his writing abilities are higher than mine. Still say that if I get a good roll, I can overcome his modifier in at least the writing. Yes, I know that Graye would only be happy for me and my good times if the roles were reversed. Still don't mind being an asshole and telling him how jealous I am of him. I hope he chockes on a baguette and gets strangled by the cord of the camera that he is putting to such awesome use. And that he buys a fez.
-Andrzej Valentyn Kujawski
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